The Top Waterparks in MN

When you think of Minnesota, do you think of indoor water parks? Maybe not, but you should.

Minnesota is home to some of the finest indoor water parks in the United States of America. Don't believe me? Read on my doubting friend, read on.

Let's start with the largest indoor water park in Minnesota, the Grand Rios. With a four-story water tower, a 500-gallon dumping bucket, and an over 500-foot lazy river, there's something for everyone. The Grand Rios has a convenient onsite hotel, which makes a longer stay easier for families. The Grand Rios is open year round!! You don't get much more convenient than that. The Grand Rios indoor water park has amazing water slides. There's The Reef Runner, The Rum Runner, and The Caribbean Cruise tunnel slides, all wrapped around each other. Climb up to the top tower, and decide which one you're headed down! All three tunnel style water slides dump into the same pool. Easy to know where you'll be, easy to keep track of where the kids have gone to. The Hurricane Plunge is a half tunnel style water slide that zips you right into a funnel style ending. At the end of the Hurricane, you plop straight down into the pool! Smaller tunnel and half tunnel style water slides are right next to the larger ones, so families with big kids and little kids are still close at hand. The Grand Rios features a large wading style area for fun and some good old-fashioned frolicking. Encircling most of this is the Lazy River. Want to get to the other side of the park...float there! The Grand Rios indoor water park in Minnesota is a wonderful destination for a day or several days. Great for everyone! One great website filled with information is http://www.grandrios.com/waterparkhome.htm

Next, let's push you to The Edge. Edgewater Resort and Water Park indoor water park in Minnesota is absolutely incredible. The Edge is open year round, making it an absolutely fabulous and easy place to head to. The Edge has several featured water slides. The Tiki Thriller tops this list, a tunnel style water slide that spirals you four and a half darkened stories! The Tiki Tumbler can ride one or two people at a time down a bit gentler four and a half story swirl. When you're done with all the swirling and tumbling, you can take a lazy ride down their more than 400-foot Rivers Edge. Just the thing to recharge you after a few spinning trips. When you're ready for more spin action, head over to the Vortex. Spin, swirl, and whirl are the best words to describe it! A memorable vacation destination for anyone. Family friendly and best for families with a bit older children. http://www.duluthwaterpark.com/

Now we can head to the Water Park of America, another smart indoor water park that's open year round. Water Park of America is modeled after Jack Trammel's adventures across Minnesota, so you know it's bound to have a lot of fabulous fun. There's a smaller play area for the little guys called Fort Snelling. That's fun just to say. Water Park of America has several open play areas perfect for everyone to play together. There are several overhead tunnel style water slides. These single man slides plunge you into darkness, and then give you a few seconds of light before the happy splash into the water. For multi-passenger fun, Water Park of America has raft style rides you can head out together in. Want to body board? You can do it here! Water Park of America indoor water park in Minnesota is really an all-inclusive family fun spot. You can stay at the Grand Lodge in Bloomington to really round out your stay. Stay for a day, stay for a while! There's something for people of all ages to do; no one will feel left out! http://themeparks.about.com/od/usindoorwaterparks/

Finally, let's check out The Depot Water Park at the Marriott in Minneapolis. This may not be the largest water park on our list today, but definitely incredibly cool. There is a huge 185-foot, three-story water slide for the brave and strong. Then there are several smaller open slides for the smaller, in age or stature. The Depot Water Park features a huge train engine and anchors to make our nautical adventure feel real, although I've never seen smokestack spurt water before. Bells and whistles going off will keep everyone on their toes. Open year round, The Depot Water Park may not be a giant, but it's definitely a place to check out. http://www.startribune.com/1376/story/325912.html

Now that you know a bit more about the indoor water parks in Minnesota, check them out! All the parks we've covered today are open year round. We've given you the big and the small and listed what's most family friendly. Isn't it about time to head to Minnesota and have some family water fun?

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